Sonntag, 7. März 2010

De Rosa Corum for »Men of Steel Racing« – Part 2

The new MoSR-Team Bike

Jim from »Men of Steel Racing Club« ( Fort Wayne, USA) send me some still shots of the new MoSR Team-Bikes.

Jim writes:
We combined the classic paint scheme by using the seat tube band with the modern corum frame design. We think it is a hit.
The criterium style events that we race here in the states are a perfect fit for the Corum. Criteriums lead to crashes, and the steel frame will allow for easy repair if damaged, and if crashed, will not potentially fail like carbon will. In addition, we went with aluminum bars and stems for the same reason. Still comes in at 16lbs. With a little effort, it could easily be 15lbs. The first thing people do is pick it up and can't believe it is steel. And it rides as good as it looks.

Dear De Rosa fans, in case you want to contribute to my blog feel free to send in your photos, stories, articles, illustrations etc. related to De Rosa. Looking forward to your mails, Marcello

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