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Team Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo De Rosa King 3
Although Stefano Garzelli and his Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo team were mysteriously not selected for the Giro d'Italia, 35 year old Garzelli has bounced back to take command of the UCI Europe Tour and is hoping for selection to the Italian team at the 2008 World Championship in his hometown of Varese, Italy. We spotted Garzelli's new De Rosa King 3 and the new nude carbon look makes the already attractive King 3 more "cattivo" (badass).

On first look, we thought Garzelli's King 3 might be a cousin of the special Idol UD prototype he rode to two stage wins in the 2007 Giro d'Italia, but the frame is a K1 high modulus Mizuno T-700SC carbon fibre with the entire frame in monocoque construction, unlike the previous DeRosa Kings, which used a monocoque front triangle mated to a tube-to-tube assembled rear triangle. Target weight of the De Rosa King 3 is 950g. for the frame

No seatpost needed on the integrated seatmast King 3, with a Fizik Alliante saddle, Dedaelementi Newton bars & stem provide the cockpit, a Campagnolo Record 10v. groupset and speedy Campagnolo Bora Ultra tubular carbon fibre wheels.

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lugged steel retro ride 11.15.09

A De Rosa steel frame is the 700th picture posted in my »De Rosa Bicycles« Flickr-Group. The group includes almost 88 international members.

Thanks: »ericm« from USA

Ti Framebuilding by Doriano De Rosa

Article and Photos by Italian Cycling Journal

I first learned in the January, 2008, issue of Italian magazine CT that Doriano De Rosa, son of Ugo De Rosa, is the sole builder of the Ti (titanium) frames at De Rosa.

Subsequently I learned that Doriano builds only approximately 100 frames per year, all to measure. Doriano began framebuilding with Ti in 1993. Of learning to build in Ti, Dorian said, "I learned through trial and error, like my father when he began. I have a gray hair for every mistake I made in learning to work with this material."

With Dorian, De Rosa continues in the most authentic tradition of "Made In Italy".

Photos: Doriano De Rosa at work in his own section at De Rosa

Special thanks to: Angelo

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Summer and Winter Planets from England

De Rosa Planet – planet antigua

»Planet has been the first aluminium frame by De Rosa with custom tubes. During these years it has been ameliorated and renovated. Now a day, Planet is surely a frame of the high range, it has built with the assembly of a carbon whish bone, which gives a technological look to the product, respecting the tradition.«
De Rosa catalog – 2003

De Rosa Planet

Cameron from Northern England rode many De Rosa for the past 25 years. At the moment he rides two De ROSA PLANETS – a summer and a winter bike.

Thanks a lot for the photos and many greetings to England!

Freitag, 20. November 2009

De Rosa-Stac Plastic Names Team Roster |

De Rosa-Stac Plastic Names Team Roster |

New Italian team unveils its first 16 riders for 2010

New Italian team, De Rosa-Stac Plastic, named its first riders for the 2010 season today. The team is composed of riders all less than 28 years old, with the exception of Slovenian Jure Golcer, 32, winner of last year's Tour de Slovénie.
»We are really happy and satisfied of the step we took,« said Cristiano De Rosa. »We decided to invest and become the title sponsor because we are a cycling company and believe in this project.« ...

... The team will use De Rosa King 3 and RS frame, said Cristiano De Rosa.

De Rosa-Stac Plastic team:
• Giorgio Brambilla (Ita)
• Stefano Borchi (Ita)
• Oleg Berdos (Mda)
• Damiano Caruso (Ita)
• Marco Cattaneo (Ita)
• Claudio Corioni (Ita)
• Claudio Cucinotta (Ita)
• Eddy Ratti (Ita)
• Giairo Ermeti (Ita)
• Roberto Ferrari (Ita)
• Jure Golcer (Slo)
• Sergio Laganà (Ita)
• Matteo Montaguti (Ita)
• Fabio Negri (Ita)
• Cristiano Salerno (Ita)
• Gabriele Tassinari (Ita)

Montag, 16. November 2009

Frederik´s great De Rosa collection!

De Roso Titanio E.O.S – 2003/2004

De Rosa Dual – 2003

De Rosa Merak – 2003

De Rosa TimeTrail

De Rosa Cross Carbon Pro – 2008/2009

Frederik from Belgium sent me some pictures of his very nice DE ROSA collection.

Thanks a lot for the photos and many greetings to Belgium!

Donnerstag, 12. November 2009

4 years ago – De Rosa Tango test by

The De Rosa Tango ready to dance.
Photo ©: Mark Zalewski/Cyclingnews

The seatstays - an unusual design that looks a million dollars but slightly impedes brake adjustment.
Photo ©: De Rosa

The bottom bracket area is huge - all that extra carbon adds some grams, but makes for a firm platform for stronger riders.
Photo ©: De Rosa

The seat cluster has plenty of material, helping to keep things stiff.
Photo ©: De Rosa

The head tube - with Deda stem and integrated headset.
Photo ©: De Rosa

Birth of a Tango - the front triangle is moulded in one piece
Photo ©: De Rosa

The stays are attached and plenty of carbon holds it all together.
Photo ©: De Rosa

An exercise in uniqueness

During the past fifty years the De Rosa family has created some of the best bicycles the cycling world has ridden, from the start with Ugo De Rosa working in a small workshop to the entire family growing it to one of the world's finest cycling companies. In short, the De Rosa name is synonymous with high quality. When the newest addition to the De Rosa line-up landed on the doorstep of Cyclingnews' North American Editor Mark Zalewski, he could not wait to take the Tango for a dance.

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Sonntag, 8. November 2009

New Handlebar Tape

New Bike Ribbon Professional tape on the bars makes my 25-year-old De Rosa seem a little newer; plus, it gives me a clean place to put my hands.

Text and Photo by: Mr. Leslie Wong

Samstag, 7. November 2009

Holger´s De Rosa Macro

Holger from Berlin (Germany) sent me pictures of his DE ROSA Macro.

Thanks a lot for the photos and greetings to Berlin!

Mittwoch, 4. November 2009

De Rosa - Prestige with NOS Campagnolo 50th Grouppo

With NOS Campagnolo 50th Anniversary grouppo. 51 cm / 52 cm top tube. It's visually stunning. The Ferrari Red frame repainted at D&D Cycle. Fully restored back to the glory of the old days. Owner card matches crankset number. Campagnolo toe strap: white (not shown)