Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010

De Rosa Corum for »Men of Steel Racing«

Jim from »Men of Steel Racing Club« ( Fort Wayne, USA) contacted me and told me a great story.

»Several of our riders will be on custom De Rosa Corums this season. We take delivery in the next week or so. We chose to ride steel next year to prove that it still can compete against carbon and the Corums were our first choice. Doriano De Rosa has been great to work with throughout the process. We have some photos of the process on our site. We will posting the completed bikes once we have them.«

Doriano De Rosa

Quality. History. Made In Italy. Doriano De Rosa continues this tradition in an era of mass production. The first pictures of our hand built De Rosa Corums just arrived in time for Christmas as the excitement continues to build.

The Corum is one of the finest steel racing bicycles in the world and the official frame of Men of Steel Racing. If you're wondering about the weight. The day of heavy steel bikes are over. The MoSR fully equipped Corum will come in around 16 pounds!

We'll be following Doriano's progress, so check back to see the custom paint job of our team bikes.

»Men of Steel Racing Team-Jersey«

Jim, thank you for your story and I look forward to more pictures and reports from your »Men of Steel Racing-Team«.

Dear De Rosa fans, in case you want to contribute to my blog feel free to send in your photos, stories, articles, illustrations etc. related to De Rosa. Looking forward to your mails, Marcello

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