Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Ti Framebuilding by Doriano De Rosa

Article and Photos by Italian Cycling Journal

I first learned in the January, 2008, issue of Italian magazine CT that Doriano De Rosa, son of Ugo De Rosa, is the sole builder of the Ti (titanium) frames at De Rosa.

Subsequently I learned that Doriano builds only approximately 100 frames per year, all to measure. Doriano began framebuilding with Ti in 1993. Of learning to build in Ti, Dorian said, "I learned through trial and error, like my father when he began. I have a gray hair for every mistake I made in learning to work with this material."

With Dorian, De Rosa continues in the most authentic tradition of "Made In Italy".

Photos: Doriano De Rosa at work in his own section at De Rosa

Special thanks to: Angelo

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