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4 years ago – De Rosa Tango test by

The De Rosa Tango ready to dance.
Photo ©: Mark Zalewski/Cyclingnews

The seatstays - an unusual design that looks a million dollars but slightly impedes brake adjustment.
Photo ©: De Rosa

The bottom bracket area is huge - all that extra carbon adds some grams, but makes for a firm platform for stronger riders.
Photo ©: De Rosa

The seat cluster has plenty of material, helping to keep things stiff.
Photo ©: De Rosa

The head tube - with Deda stem and integrated headset.
Photo ©: De Rosa

Birth of a Tango - the front triangle is moulded in one piece
Photo ©: De Rosa

The stays are attached and plenty of carbon holds it all together.
Photo ©: De Rosa

An exercise in uniqueness

During the past fifty years the De Rosa family has created some of the best bicycles the cycling world has ridden, from the start with Ugo De Rosa working in a small workshop to the entire family growing it to one of the world's finest cycling companies. In short, the De Rosa name is synonymous with high quality. When the newest addition to the De Rosa line-up landed on the doorstep of Cyclingnews' North American Editor Mark Zalewski, he could not wait to take the Tango for a dance.

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