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The evolution made of Titanium is called SOLO

De Rosa Solo - new titanium frame 

De Rosa Solo - new titanium frame

De Rosa writes:
The evolution made of Titanium is called SOLO...
An exclusive frame , only for a few chosen people, only for those
who are fashionable, only for those who love metals and pure
titanium, frame only made of titanium degree 9.
The used pipes characterized by a triple thickness have a bigger
diameter without penalizing the weight.
The oblique tube has a diameter of 42mm , at the end of which
there are semi elliptical sections, in order to optimaze the torsion
solicitations and to performance in a better way the rigidity of the
box at the central movement. The horizontal tube and the saddle
tube have a diameter of 35mm. The battery of electrical groups
can stay on the tube saddle without any problem.
Tubes, forks, head tube extracted in CNC, objects only made of
Titanium degree 9. Only for those who love the italian excellence/
high level. Frame (manufactured) only Made to Measure,as always,
since the beginning...

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