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De Rosa Nuovo Classico - 2013

De Rosa Nuovo Classico - 2013

De Rosa Nuovo Classico - 2013

Ronald writes:
I wanted to share with you a couple photos of my new 2013 Nuovo Classico frame that I just finished building.

To give you a brief history of the project, I got the idea of custom ordering the frame from the De Rosa factory after reading the article on October 8/2012 about the couple who visited the De Rosa factory and custom ordered a King RS frame "Maglia Rosa Custom 2013 King RS".

I contacted the factory on December 2012 directly via email and started the process by working with a very nice lady there.  I asked if my new frame could be custom coloured because I always wanted a Ferrari red De Rosa since the 1980s; ever since seeing the De Rosa SLXs frames hanging in the local bike shop in my home city.  The De Rosa factory is so accommodating and the whole experience was very pleasant; I got my frame within 6 weeks of finalizing the order details and it arrived in late July 2013.

The gruppo is a mixture of Campagnolo C-Record, Record, Chorus and Centaur components and the handle bar and stem are authentic Cinelli new old stock pieces.  I wanted my bicycle to be very true to the classic De Rosa steel frame and this is my idea of "Fatto a Mano in Italia".

Photo-Copyright by: Ronald
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