Sonntag, 18. März 2012

Ugo De Rosa 1973 like NOS

VSB writes:
Cinelli VIP set buffalo rare brown saddle,
 Almarc in leather rare tanned color,
 Panto pieces: 
3ttt stem
Campagnolo fluted seatpost De rosa panto, Old decals before going to Cusano Milanino, Original Silca Pump with De Rosa engraving and campy ending, All NR campagnolo Group dated 1973, what else? Ah Panto De Rosa chainrings and amazing De rosa head lugs check the curve... Then Stays brev. De Rosa and crown flat front fork.
Clement Servizio Corse Tire and Amazing NISI SUDLI other word DOES'nt get any better...
Ah...should i remember all about the KEY YEAR? 1973 ugo de rosa and Eddy Merckx formilized their agreement.

Photos by: VSB Vintage Speed Bicycles 

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