Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

De Rosa Super Prestige, Columbus SL – 1983

Michael writes:
Frame is made with Columbus SL tubing

Seat tube: 56cm ctc
Top tube: 56 cm ctc
Stand over height: 81.8 cm

Rear dropouts are spaced at 127 mm, for a standard 6-speed or ultra 7-speed freewheel.

Description: A beautiful, classic italian, hand-made frame and fork, painted in a pearlized metallic blue. The fork has a chromed, semi-sloping crown with the signature heart-shaped cutout and De Rosa engraving on the top of the crown. Dropouts and dropout adjusting screws are Campagnolo and all threading is Italian.

Condition: Original paint. Original decals. No rust. No damage. No dents. No dings. Frame has been professionally treated with JP Weigle's Frame Saver anti-rust treatment. Some small scratches and paint ships have been touched up with lacquer, which can be removed easily with lacquer thinner if you so choose. Decals are perfect, with the exception of the Columbus tubing decal on the seat tube, just below the seat lug. These decals are notoriously delicate and this particular one was applied by De Rosa over the clear coat, leaving it vulnerable. The drive-side chainstay has a vintage, clear mylar cover over it to prevent chips. This can also be removed without damaging the finish. Overall condition is excellent.

The De Rosa DE ROSA SUPER PRESTIGE is for sale!
Ebay item #180777377417

Photos by: mikebikerepair

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