Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

The new De Rosa King 3 RS - Version 2012 -

De Rosa King 3 RS - 2012

Roger writes:
The moment the frame arrived at the shop, we encountered a couple of very nice surprises as it is already a 2012 model:
- The rear triangle completely changed (very masculine...) and has carbon drop outs;
- Also the cable routing is now totally different, rather similar to Merak (so through steering column and underneath tube iso inside tube);
- The 'standard' version has now also 2 different size steering bearings;
- BB30 bottom bracket (no thread);
- Front derailleur not with clam.
Received the bike almost one month ago and drove over 1.5k with it already. Feels and drives excellent; Stiff, rigid, responsive.

Photo by: Roger

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colnago hat gesagt…

A lovely looking De Rosa King. Well done De Rosa!