Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

A rescued De Rosa

Dennis (from Bellingham, Washington) writes: "I found this De Rosa on a visit to my local GoodWill for $60 dollars, and to my amazement it fit me like a glove! I have no clue how it got there or who decided to donate it. So far I've replaced the chain with an era correct Regina brand chain. I replaced the derailer pulleys that where cracked and ready to break, and purchased some NOS Campagnolo gum hoods, next on the list is the freewheel which is just as worn out as the chain a pulleys were but I'm trying to find an original super record freewheel (wish me luck), aside from some chain slap marks it's in almost perfect condition. I've spent a lot of time disassembling and cleaning everything."

Text and Photos: Dennis

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Jason hat gesagt…

has there ever been a better spent $60? i very much doubt it!