Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

50.000 visits!

BIKEADELIC has just reached the 50.000 visits!

Thank you so much to all the international visitors, thank you for the many emails, pictures and interesting stories about DE ROSA Bicycles.
You all have in the first place made this Blog so successful and exciting!

I'm really looking forward to all following 100.000 visits.

Thank you so much,

Dear De Rosa fans, in case you want to contribute to my blog feel free to send in your photos, stories, articles, illustrations etc. related to De Rosa. Looking forward to your mails, Marcello

3 Kommentare:

Richard hat gesagt…

Congratulations Marcello, and many more!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Marcello, congratulations on the 50,000 visits. Its always a pleausre to visit your blog. Cheers J

Localove hat gesagt…

Grande !!!