Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

De Rosa 1957 Replica

Ray from Philadelphia (USA) leaves the following beautiful pictures to me.

35th anniversary bike from 1990s- supposedly the graphics were inspired by the earliest De Rosas

Ray writes:
I purchased the bike in 1999 at a cycling pro shop here in the USA , Cycles BiKyle ( I am really into lugged steel traditional bicycles (especially De Rosa) and when I saw the frame I had to have it. I am told that the frame was actually built by Ugo himself, and there were a limited amount produced.

De Rosa 1957 Replica with Campagnolo Chorus

De Rosa »Replica 57« decal

De Rosa 1957 Replica with Campagnolo Chorus and traditional cotton cloth handlebar tape.

Columbus »Acciaio Speciale« tubing, which means »special steel«.

De Rosa 1957 Replica with Campagnolo Chorus.

Thanks a lot and many greetings to Philadelphia!

Dear De Rosa fans, in case you want to contribute to my blog feel free to send in your photos, stories, articles, illustrations etc. related to De Rosa. Looking forward to your mails, Marcello

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