Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009

Pietro´s De Rosa Professional SLX – 1993

De Rosa Professional SLX

Corsa Record derailleurs, 8 speed set-up, with 53x42 Super Record cranks. Look pedals

Super Record cranks. Still a thing of beauty today.

Columbus SLX

Flat-head fork, along with some dirt and Dura Ace brakes, 1994 vintage, if I recall correctly.

The chromed chainstays are suffering ...

So ladies and gentlemen, today I would like to take you for a ride down memory lane. Yes, indeed, that is a 1993 De Rosa Professional, Columbus SLX tubing, built up with a mixture of Campagnolo Corsa Record (8 speed), Super Record and a wee bit of Shimano.

She (all my bicycles are females) has a rather interesting history. I was attending graduate school at the time, and British Airways bent the back triangle of my previous bike to the point that a wheel would not fit into it. This De Rosa was therefore purchased at a bike shop in Manhattan, NYC, where I was living at the time, with my components switched over from the previous frame (a very nice Rossin SL). Yes, an Italian specialissima bought by an Italian in the United States. A bit complicated, but you get it. ...

The whole story ...


Pietro from Italy sent me some pictures of his very nice DE ROSA Professional SLX.

Thanks a lot and many greetings to Italy!

Dear De Rosa fans, in case you want to contribute to my blog feel free to send in your photos, stories, articles, illustrations etc. related to De Rosa. Looking forward to your mails, Marcello

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