Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009

Vincent's Neo Primato

Lieba een bisken mehr, aba dafür wat Jutes.

Size: 60 cm c/c
Gruppo: tutto Dura Ace - including seatpost, headset & wheelet
Stem & Bars: 3ttt
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow

Vincent says:

I had the frame done after a long discussion with Doriano De Rosa in 2007, asking him for a frame to suit my needs. For I definitely don't like plastic frames he recommended titan or steel. I love the classic look of lugged steel and it's traditional beauty, so it was an easy decision to opt for the Neo Primato, as you see.

As a tradtional Campy rider it was a rough decision for me to go for Dura Ace with this bike. But Campy only offers black plastic dominated gruppos in the upper classes, which are fine for modern plastic frames, but not so for classic steelies. Only traditional silver aluminium components, highly polished and excellent quality would fit the bill for a Primato I thought. Well, so here we are with Japanese Dura Ace on an Italian race horse. Think what you like.

Vincent, danke für deinen Beitrag und Grüße nach Berlin.

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Sehr schön!