Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

Making Your Bicycle Travel Ready!

De Rosa Acciaio

De Rosa Neo Pro

»Bilenky Cycle Works has been doing retrofits since 1994 when S&S Bicycle Torque Couplers (BTC’s) were first introduced. We retrofit bikes with special alloy stainless steel or titanium couplers. We use the classic style couplers (lug-like in appearance) and low-temperature silver brazing. This creates a strong and beautiful travel frame. We retrofit steel and titanium bikes; singles, tandems, and recumbents. We were the first to use S&S BTCs on tandems and triples, and have retrofitted many tandems since 1995. Contact us with your particular project and needs. If we can't do it, no one can!«

text and photos by Bilenky Cycle Works

2 Kommentare:

Jason hat gesagt…

It would be interesting to ride a coupled frame to see if it feels any different to a one piece frame. Did you ever ride one Marcello?

Marcello hat gesagt…

Hi Jason,
no, I haven't ever tried a coupled frame.