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De Rosa Professional 1980

De Rosa Professional 1980

J2000E writes:

This is a 1979-80 De Rosa Professional. The very first years of De Rosa with Microfusione lugs.

The colour is called "ambrosia" - according to Mr Ken Lyon who had a De Rosa special ordered in the same colour ( have a look at www.i-vol.com/bikes/de_rosa/80_de_rosa-ken_lyon.ht ). Very difficult to photograph - it is a olive/dark green with a gold mist metallic. The paint and decals are original.

Bought as a bare frame I have equipped it with period correct parts - a 1980 Campagnolo Super Record group (true SR - with all the titanium axles and bolts that should be there). The pedals are not mounted in pics because storing the bike is easier without them (have a lot of bikes).
3ttt Criterium 78 saddle and corresponding 3ttt stem and handlebars. De Rosa panto on stem and seatpost. Regina Oro freewheel and Regina Record chain. Original grey Campagnolo Cables (a litte to long - going to shorten them). Cotton Velox cloth bar tape (very practical....). Most parts were NOS before mounted.

Photo-Copyright by: J2000E

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