Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

"Maglia Rosa" custom 2013 King RS

Our love story is:

My wife Amber & I visited Italy to celebrate our honeymoon, vacation and follow our favorite tour; 'il Giro d'Italia' for stages 20 & 21 of 2012,
For stage 20 of Stelvio, we stayed with Anna is the best and a true cycling fanatic who accompanied us up 'il Mortirolo' to cheer the riders.

We took this opportunity to visit the 'heart of cycling' De Rosa factory. We contacted Cristiano in advance and he welcomed us with a display of all models. As we walked into the factory we saw Sr. Ugo De Rosa overlooking new Protos frames being built-up. It was a dream and an honor for us to speak & meet everyone and the climax to our Italian adventure. Amber requested Cristiano & Ugo to sign the frame and pink to honor 'il Giro which they kindly provided.
Our deep gratitude & love to Cristiano & Ugo De Rosa for all of their attention.

Photo-Copyright by: James

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