Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010

De Rosa Neo Primato – 2002

The story about the »De Rosa Neo Primato - 2002«

A 60cm Neo Primato built in 2002. Upon initial inspection I was happy with the frame. But there was an alignment problem with the tig-welded unicrown-style steel fork supplied. The online vendor, Competitive Cyclist, was successful in obtaining a replacement fork for me, a full-carbon model made by Mizuni. Though I'd prefer the steel fork that's now available, the Carbon fork was clearly better than the steel fork then offered, and much lighter too.

Bike was originally built-up with Super Record components from my fifteen year old bike. Fellow riders here in Wisconsin were shocked to discover friction shifters still in use - how old-fashioned, and only six cogs! A few years later parts were upgraded to Record and Chorus 10-speed parts. Indeed, only the original seat post is still used from the original assembly. I still get favorable comments on this bike for it's classic good looks. Now the only point of controversy seems to be the frame being made from steel, not carbon ...

Photo and Story: Stephen from Wisconsin, USA

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